Centrum Implantologie Parodontologie Amstelveen has been leading in the field of the repair of teeth, gums and jawbone for 35 years.

In our database we have now registered over 18.000 implant treatments with a survivalrate of 97 percent.

Our body contains 30 trillion cells ...

Referrals (for dentists)

A good cooperation between dentist, dentist periodontist and patient falls or stands with clear communication. That is why we offer a simple online referral letter.

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…and 38 trillion bacteria.

Our team

Virtually all cells will be replaced within 10 years…

Patient Information

Every year over 1.000 patiënts are advised and treated for gum diseases or rehabilitation with oral implants.

The treating specialist will review your personal situation and make the correct diagnosis. General information can be found below.

...except your permanent teeth, they have to last the rest of your life.

Courses for dentists

In order to share the knowledge we have acquired, we provide courses for dentists both in the Center Implantology Parodontology Amstelveen and at other locations.

To keep your teeth you must maintain them.