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The Center Implantology Periodontology Amstelveen is leading in the field of the repair of teeth, gums and jawbone for 36 years. In our database we have now registered over 17.500 implant treatments with a survivalrate of 96 percent.

Our body contains 30 trillion cells ...

Referrals (for dentists)

A good cooperation between dentist, dentist periodontist and patient falls or stands with clear communication. That is why we offer a simple online referral letter.

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…and 38 trillion bacteria.

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Virtually all cells will be replaced within 10 years…
...except your permanent teeth, they have to last the rest of your life.

Courses for dentists

In order to share the knowledge we have acquired, we provide courses for dentists both in the Center Implantology Parodontology Amstelveen and at other locations.

Outperforming Nature

Recent history has shown that more often than not we are failing behind when we are striving to surpass the limitations of natural repair, such as with speeding up healing times,

Paro 2015 RAI Amsterdam

Op vrijdag 6 februari 2015 vond het congres Paro 2015 georganiseerd door Bureau Kalker, plaats in de RAI in Amsterdam, met meer dan 1.000 deelnemers!

Camlog Studyclub Krakow

Hands on course hard & soft tissue skills. Hard lessons for soft tissue. Tying up loose ends from start to finish of a reconstruction. Dental implants have acquired their

International Camlog Conference

The CAMLOG Foundation is committed to excellence in implant dentistry. This is achieved by promoting scientific knowledge and training with the sole purpose of giving patients.

Madonna di Campiglio

Pattern recognition: uitsluitend herhaling leidt niet tot verbetering. Het opbouwen van ervaring in een bepaald werkgebied is geen garantie voor het behalen van het maximale.

Soft approach to periimplant tissues

Soft approach to periimplant tissues in most cases compensation of the loss of hard and soft tissue is attempted by means of bone and connective tissue transplants during implant.

Deliberate practice

Camlog studieclub Uden. Bij het verlies van tanden en kiezen is het niet meer uitzonderlijk dat patiënten meteen vragen naar de mogelijkheid van implantaten. Het is dan ook geen

Splitsecond decisions

Wetenschappelijke studie bijeenkomst KNMT Nootdorp. Bij complexe problemen is een zorgvuldige analyse voorafgaand aan de behandeling en het opstellen van een heldere strategie.

International Journal of Implant Dentistry

RESEARCH Implant success and survival rates in daily dental practice: 5-year result of a non-interventional study using CAMLOG SCREW-LINE implants with or without

Meet en greet: snap jij het nog?

Kom naar de Cipaveen Meet en Greet 2020!

Nazorg: Heavy, medium, light of extra light

Nazorg: Heavy, medium, light or extra light.

Harde lessen voor zacht weefsel

Cursus Geistlich. Toepassing van Fibrogide als transplantatie materiaal.

To keep your teeth you must maintain them.